By Erin Boyle, NP-C
Cosmetic Injectables Delray Beach

Cosmetic Injectable

$12 / Unit

Lip Filler

$725 / Full syringe

Lip Filler

$495 / Half syringe

Cheek Filler

$850 / syringe

Chin Filler

$850 / syringe

Under Eye Filler

$700 / Includes both eyes

Smile Lines Filler

$695 / syringe

Botox Lip Flip


Filler Dissolve

$150 per vial

Botox Underarm Sweating

$1200 / both armpits

Botox - TMJ (Clenching / Grinding / Jawline Slimming)


Botox - Migraines


*price based on consultation

Types of Fillers used: Filler selection is based on your goals and your anatomy which will be discussed and decided together with Erin at your appointment. We currently carry multiple brands of fillers including the Restylane line, Revanesse Versa line and RHA line.